Miami Clothing Brand 8&9

8n9 600x400 Miami Clothing Brand 8&9

The story of Ray Guilbault, founder of 8&9 clothing is an interesting one. In 2001, when he was attending the University of Miami, Guilbault began working on developing custom products with various logos and soon enough, the numbers “8&9” caught his eye. Thereafter, he got samples made with pattern makers in New York and took all of his production to Pakistan. This was when September 11 took place. In order to recover some of his losses, save up for major production and keep the brand name afloat, Guilbault had to resort to special promotional tactics. He sold clothing hand-to-hand, 8&9 sponsored a motorcycle stunt team and Guilbault’s graphics were seen on cars at car shows. The brand name was used as a password for club entry and in collaboration with DJs, reentry would be granted with the purchase of an 8&9 shirt or two.

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Interview with Lingerie Guru Alice Kass

 Interview with Lingerie Guru Alice Kass alice11 600x400 Interview with Lingerie Guru Alice Kass

We recently sat down with Lingerie Guru Sabrina, from Alice Kass to get an inside peek into all of the lace and logistics behind what it takes to give women what they want. I’ll be honest, they had me at lace and leather. I am sure I speak for most women when I say it can be intimidating wearing lingerie as a part of daily attire, especially to be seen on purpose through your clothing, but when you have items as dreamy as Alice Kass carries on their multi brand retail site, you’ll be drooling on how to get them into your closet.  Sabrina, of Alice Kass, set out to create a site that finally carried items women really wanted.

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Abstract Artist Gregory Siff

siff4 600x337 Abstract Artist Gregory Siff
Gregory Siff arrived in Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a Hollywood actor. However, soon enough, he realized that acting was not his forte and in 2010, he gave up on his misguided aspirations and struggled to find a passion he could call home. Thereon, with his paint tool kit, he took to the streets of LA and as he immersed himself in art, he found the fire that had been amiss in acting. Siff is among the celebrated few who made the transition from the street art to the white world of galleries.

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Producer & Beat Maker // SANGO BEATS

sango10 600x400 Producer & Beat Maker // SANGO BEATS

Twenty-one year old Sango is a Seattle-born, now Grand Rapids, Michigan based producer who is best known for his remixes of Aaliyah, Drake, Little Dragon, Nas, The Weeknd, and now his debut album ‘North’.

His journey began when at the age of 12 when Sango was convinced into production by his rapper brother and friends.

“There are two motives to remixing,” says Sango. “You’re remixing to pay homage or you’re doing it to gain attention.” It is befitting to say that Sango seems to be merging from both directions as an artist whose work focuses primarily on hip-hop and soul influenced beats while also gaining a name for himself by releasing an album’s worth of Weeknd remixes.

The internet along with family ties have made Sango the producer he is today.

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