LA Based Beat Label Soulection

soulection 600x318 LA Based Beat Label Soulection

Soulection, Los Angeles based beats label, artist collective and radio show was founded in January 2011 by radio host Joe Kay, visual director and artist Guillaume Bonte and motion designer/videographer Andre Power. It’s weekly radio show has seen a number of guests such as Freddie Joachim and DāM-FunK, Melo-X. The label’s first release, Soulection Compilation, a 25-track project became a hit and was testimony to just how vast and endowed the Soulection family is. Twenty six releases later, ‘Time in between’, the second compilation by Soulection shows the impressive level of growth the label has attained in the span of two years.

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Two Decades of Clothing Brand 10.Deep

ten4 Two Decades of Clothing Brand 10.Deep

In 1995, founder Scott Sasso scribbled the name “10.Deep” on a piece of paper taped to his dorm room wall and a brand was born that is now completing its two decades of success in the clothing market. From the streets to boutiques to the music industry, 10 Deep is an internationally revered street wear brand that has been well-established as a trendsetter for street style shirts, hats, pants, sweatshirts and jackets. The inspiration for its designs comes from a vast range of street subcultures such as hip hop, graffiti, punk and skate. Today, 10.Deep is found in over 300 retail stores across the US and is worn by hip-hop icons such as A$AP Rocky and pro-skaters like Jamal Smith. The brand now offers a complete fashion range that includes cut-and-sew garments, weird toys and coveted skate decks.

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Contemporary Street Artist Shepard Fairey

fairey7 497x400 Contemporary Street Artist Shepard Fairey

Renowned artist, Shepard Fairey, started off with humble beginnings in the world of skateboarding and street art. Until a few years back, he was best known for his Obey Giant Campaign which had been conceived in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s while Fairey was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. The project entailed stenciling, making stickers and painting slogans such as “This is your God”. He also painted images of the late professional wrestler Andre the Giant in public spaces in major cities around the world. While sitting down with Interview Magazine, Fairey said that the motivation behind the campaign was the unsaid agendas surrounding our existence and subsequently crystallizing that idea into something concrete in order to awaken people to the reality of the various mechanisms of control out there. ‘Obey’, a clothing line came about from the campaign.

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ILoveMakonnen “Tuesday” Music Video featuring Drake

The young artist ILoveMakonnen had Drake release a remix to this track that blew up the internet a few weeks back. The mix between every day lives and club shots, on what I’d imagine is supposed to be a Tuesday. Overall the visuals and song kind of remind me that you can celebrate any day of the week… Especially if you’re Drake or the now trending new artist, ILoveMakonnen. Check out the video below:

American Rapper A$AP Rocky

asap10 600x400 American Rapper A$AP Rocky

Born and raised in Harlem, New York,  twenty-six year old rapper A$AP Rocky has made it on the list of most prominent rap artists to have surfaced in the past decade. He made a name for himself in 2011 after his debut mixtape ‘Live.Love.A$AP’ received stellar reviews. From obscurity to Internet celebrity to major label deals; Rocky has enjoyed a rapid ascent indeed. A$AP Rocky began rapping at the age of eight and became truly passionate about following of a rap career at the age of thirteen. Rocky gets his name after the God Emcee Rakim (of Eric B. & Rakim). He has the tagline of “the pretty motherfucker.”

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