5 Brands We Love From /r/StreetwearStartup

If you’re looking for a tight community of creatives in the streetwear world, you gotta check out /r/streetwearstartup. Everyone here is working at building their own streetwear collections. They trade ideas, give feedback, and help others make their ideas become reality.

If you scroll through these pages, you’ll find a lot of fire gear, too that you can pick up. Here’s a few brands we found on there that we’re digging right now:


Currently riding low on product, when Delo re-ups, we highly recommend picking up some of their gear. From the unlikely area of Allentown, PA, these dudes make chill gear with some high quality materials.


Resurgence has got some filthy graphics on tees and sweatshirts. Again, low stock right now, but keep an eye on what they drop in the future.


Around since 2014, Wicked shows what a start up can really start doing with good support.


With one product in a few different colors, there’s not much to check out yet, but we like where NOGO might be headed. Keep an eye out, fam.


You gotta keep your ear out for Atelier LPM drops, because they’re always selling out. They’re latest collection is pretty much gone, because it’s fire, fam.

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