5 Crazy Strong Weed Strains

Whether you smoke every once in a while or you spark up every morning, these five weed strains are guaranteed to send you into outer space. Before you smoke any of these, make sure your shoes are tied, your room is clean, and your parents have no reason to call – because once you light up, you will be incapable of performing basic tasks. Wyd after smoking this?

1. Nova OG

With beyond a 30% THC content, certain batches of Nova OG are rumored to be the strongest in the world. Nova is known for its creative, euphoric high and its earthy taste. But you’ll be lucky to notice any of those properties because, with weed this strong, you might just spend the rest of your night staring at a blank wall. Wyd after smoking this? Here is my best guess.


2. King Tut

King Tut is an offspring of AK-47, known as one of the strongest sativa strains on the planet. You can expect an energetic and heady high. Smoke enough of this stuff and you’ll either end up writing a movie, starting a company, or trying to figure out the meaning of life…let the adventure begin. Wyd after smoking this?


3. The Incredible Hulk

I just picked up some Hulk myself, and let me tell you: this bud is STRONG. The perfect stuff to blaze before watching a funny movie, this hybrid strain is known for its giddy and euphoric high. Just don’t expect it to turn you into Albert Einstein; last time I smoked this stuff, I spent the night on the couch scrolling through IG. Wyd after smoking this?


4. Pineapple Chunk

At over 25% THC, this indica dominant hybrid strain might just be the knockout punch. Expect a strong body high, euphoria, and a skunky smell. Smoke too much of this and your fingers will probably turn into broccoli stems. Wyd after smoking this?



5. Death Star

One hit of this shit and you’ll be talking like Darth Vader and feeling like Chewbacca. A strong indica, this strain consistently nears a 25% THC content. Expect deep relaxation, an uplifted high, and the brain capacity of an 11-year old who just fell off his skateboard. If you want to blaze and veg out, look no further than Death Star. Wyd after smoking this?


What are y’all smoking on these days, and wyd afterwards? Tell us in the comments, fam.

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