7 Boots to Buy For Fall/Winter 2017

Cold weather is coming fast, and you got to be ready for it with a few choice boots that look filthy even if they’re filthy.

Here are seven boots we recommend for the upcoming winter/fall.


We’re showing a mix of both black and tan shoes, because you’re going to need both. These Common Projects are for the early fall and dry winter. You’re not going to want to get this dudes dirty.


Very similar look on these Chris Chelsea Frye Boots. But the big difference is these are leather and they’re gonna last ya when you’re in those snowy streets.


Turn the heat up with some light tan leather Red Wings. Limited edition Irish Setters will look fit as hell with tan or denim.


Yo you gotta have a pair of Timbalands if you want to be taken seriously. We recommend these work boots that you can really rough up in the worst of weather. These dudes will last.


If you’re looking to hit maximum wavvy, bet on the Yeezy combat boots. Probably not your first choice from some mud trudging, but expect to look fire with these on any fit.

Saint Laurent

A pair of YSL are definitely needed for the high fashion beast. These kicks will set ya back a penny but they make your filthy AF if you really want it.


These Vetements have been picking up steam. Got that laceless look and a shiny leather that goes great with black fits. If the price tag is too much, look into these Dr. Martens, who Vetements collab’d with for these booys.

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